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From Stock Broker to Boat Broker to Brokers Personal Listing Specialist

After numerous years on The Midwest and Chicago Stock Exchanges, Tim Kleihege founded "The Mariner Network Yacht Sales" in 2001. The Mariner Network quickly became a recognized entity in Lake Michigan's boat brokerage community. Why? It was pretty simple. From day one (unlike their competitors) every boat listing focused on ample detail, plenty of pictures and speedy postings. However, it became obvious early that listing a boat was a burdensome task that took many hours to do the job properly. Picture taking, picture downloading and picture transferring from a camera to a desktop and then into Yachtworlds Boatwizard portal was and remains time consuming.
Tim developed a delivery system for himself and his brokers that used cell phone technology to gather data and deliver pictures from any cell phone with a simple click. In addition, Tim also developed prompt sheets to provide additional detail and unlimited pictures. The result is a system that brokers can use that will provide perfect listings with minimal effort and minimal time spent.
The Mariner system is not for the broker who is content with posting a few pictures along with the year, make and model. It is for the broker who wants to save time, produce detailed listings with ample pictures and quick postings. It is for the broker who wants to portray his customers boat properly.
It is for the broker who understands that a detailed boat listing helps to sell any boat and it attracts other boat owners to list with him. It is also for the broker who understands that a great boat listing prevents current listing customers from jumping ship to another brokerage company.
Today, Tim and Katie Kleihege reside near New Buffalo, MI about an hour outside of Chicago. They have four grown children and spend most of their free time in the UP of Michigan and on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.

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